Greg begins each new endeavor with an unrelenting focus on creating exceptional residential designs. Each residence provides comfortable living spaces responsive to clients’ needs while creating a unique visual statement. At initiation each project is guided by two principles which are held to highest esteem; the lifestyle of the future residents and the natural existing landscape of the home site.  Each element must work together to create a balance between the aesthetic and the practical. Greg strives to design a structure that protects the beautiful natural landscape of the Emerald Coast and showcases nature by framing the perfect view.

Who is Greg?

When he was a young child his parents began visiting the 30A corridor.  From 5 years old on Greg was inspired as he watched Seaside’s new urbanist movement change the lifestyles in this area forever. Reflecting back he realized that his passion for architecture translates into an ability to make a profound, positive change in the comfort and lives of not only his clients but the surrounding community.“I enjoy so much about this area and I strive to provide my clients with a design experience and home that will give them the same wonderful memories.” His family moved to 30A permanently when he was 16 years old (1994). Greg attended school in Freeport High School and took full advantage of all the natural beauty with which the unique area of Florida is blessed. With summers spent on the beaches, kayaking through the dune lakes and enjoying nature, Greg has developed a keen appreciation for preserving the natural aura. This translates into his work by drawing in the natural elements of the land to enhance the aesthetic and living experience of the clients.